Los Amigos Tulum

By Montserrat Valle

Tulum closed 2018 with just over 2.3 million visitors, according to figures from the National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH), and the zone’s large influx of tourists made it an ideal location for the firm Los Amigos Tulum to implement the first passenger drone in Mexico.

This vehicle is built from carbon fiber and epoxy to make it lighter. It can carry up to 1,389 pounds and reach speeds of up to 81 miles per hour (mph). What’s more, the drone is completely electric, has an automatic landing system and can be fully charged in one hour.

“This is a pilot-less drone and it flies on electricity. The experience, the comfort, and the view are something to be proud of,” said Nico Wilmes, CEO of Los Amigos Tulum.

Around 25 million dollars (MM) has been invested in the project and it will have the country’s first drone tower for passengers.

Wilmes added that the project is under construction and is about 50% complete. The company expects to carry out test flights in the first months of 2020. Los Amigos Tulum recently strengthened its partnership with the company Ehang, creator of the drones that now operate in Austria and China.

This is what the vehicles look like:

Although a decision hasn’t yet been made on how much the service will cost, the main aim of this form of transportation is to offer visitors panoramic flights over the Central Park Lagunas residential complex in Tulum.

According to Wilmes, this technology will show Mexico and other countries that ecological air transport is now a reality and this could also be the case for the country in future.

“People come to Tulum for an unforgettable experience. Now, they’ll be able to fly over its lagoons and cenotes. The route is programmed, and passengers won’t be able to change course,” added Wilmes.

Finally, Wilmes mentioned that this drone could be a solution to traffic problems and cost less than a taxi in tourist zones, as it doesn’t include gasoline, driver or maintenance costs.

You’ll be able to hire a drone at Central Park Lagunas. There are currently no plans for using an application or any other media for bookings.

The Ehang 216 flying taxi promises to revolutionize mobility. Find out more here.



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