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In the first Mexican edition of its Top Startups list, LinkedIn, the social network for companies, business and jobs, published the 10 most popular startups among Mexican job candidates.

After analyzing employee growth, jobseeker interest in ads, member engagement with the company, and how well these startups attracted talent, a team of data scientists from the platform placed Konfío (a firm offering financing to Mexican entrepreneurs and small businesses) at the top of the list.

Natalia Fabeni, LinkedIn News Editor for Latin America, said in a press release that the firms on the list caught the eye of professionals due to their rapid growth, the way they’re revolutionizing their sector, and the manner in which they modify people’s lifestyles and way of working.

80% of startups appearing on the list belong to the fintech sector, which highlights the importance of this industry in the current job market, added Fabeni.

Data from ‘Fintech Radar 2019’, a survey prepared by the organization Finnovista, which is encouraging this ecosystem in Mexico, indicate that 98 Mexican financial technology enterprises have been set up in the past year, giving a total of 394. This figure places it in the lead in Latin America, ahead of Brazil with 380 companies.

The 10 startups that Mexicans want to work for are as follows:

  1. Konfío

This firm, which offers financing to entrepreneurs and small businesses, was founded in 2013 by David Arana. It currently has 272 employees. Its plan for 2020 is to open up 100 positions with technological profiles and 100 more in business, product, and commercial areas.

  1. Kavak

The online platform for buying and selling used cars was set up in 2016 by Roger Laughlin and Carlos and Loreanne García Ottati. It has 250 employees worldwide, 215 of whom are in Mexico. You don’t need to have a university degree to work at this company, just show ambition and a willingness to grow.

  1. Clip

The startup offering businesses a credit and debit card reader seeks people who will become role models. Adolfo Babatz, who founded the company in 2012, has a goal for 2020 of hiring more than 100 employees in various areas.

  1. Kueski

Adalberto Flores and Leonardo de la Cerda founded this microcredit company in 2012. It now boasts 220 employees, who were not required to have university degrees, but did have to solve a series of challenges in their job interviews to demonstrate skills.

  1. Conekta

Leo Fisher, Héctor Cárdenas, and Cristina Randall founded this company in 2011 to make it easier for online businesses to receive electronic payments. They currently have 100 employees but intend to increase this number by 20% with the help of a 13-million-dollar investment they received last March.

  1. Credijusto

The credit and leasing platform for small and medium-sized businesses was set up by Allan Apoj in 2014. This startup, which has 207 employees, fosters a culture of innovation and gives all workers the opportunity to set themselves daunting challenges and tackle them.

  1. Runa

This company was set up in 2018, when Courtney McColgan decided to offer software for automating company talent and payroll management. The 67 employees working for the firm are free to suggest new avenues and try them out, which keeps them active and content.

  1. Bitso

Pablo González, Ben Peters, and Daniel Vogel launched this platform in 2014, which allows you to make transactions with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The company has 71 employees worldwide, 68 of whom are in Mexico. Its goal is to create between 60 and 70 new positions for 2020, chiefly in engineering and product areas.

  1. Luuna

Guillermo Villegas, Carlos Daniel Salinas, and Laurène Maire launched this startup in 2015, which manufactures and sells high-tech mattresses online. Its 120-strong workforce shine due to their capacity for self-analysis and ability to always seek better results.

  1. Kubo Financiero

The peer-to-peer lending platform was set up by Vicente Fenoll in 2012. It currently has a workforce of 168 employees, whose minds are open to constant evolution and who aren’t afraid to propose new ideas and solutions.



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