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By Nancy Malacara

Today, 42% of Mexican workers think that their current boss does not possess the characteristics of a good leader, according to the survey Trends in the Mexican Workplace, 2019, produced by the recruitment and human resource management firm Kelly Services.

In this context, Eric Porras, National MBA Program Director of the EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey, underscores the importance of investing in human talent since poor management can hinder the achievement of goals, bring about human capital turnover and failure to achieve responsible leadership.

“We can’t imagine a leader without a social vision and a clear idea of the impact an organization could have on the community. This is why training is important on topics associated with ethics and the strengthening of values, as well as matters pertaining to corporate governance and negotiation skills to train managers with human skills,” explains Porras.

The specialists consulted say that good leaders master the use of technology, inclusion in the workplace, understanding new generations, human development and possess a more modern vision that enables their company to be more competitive.

In this respect, good leaders possess the following outstanding characteristics:

  1. They make decisions that generate solutions, not problems.
  2. They close deals because they only start projects they can finish.
  3. They recruit good team members for long-term employment at the company.
  4. They reach agreements through efficient communication with their team.
  5. They know how to delegate based on the aptitudes and skills of each team member.
  6. They have clear goals and a formal process to follow up and achieve them.
  7. They understand financial statements and take them into account when making decisions.
  8. They’re focused on the present but can prepare for the future by using predictive strategies.
  9. They’re clear on how to read their surroundings and how to turn that knowledge into new opportunities.
  10. They have an efficient change-management system and don’t leave things as they are.

“The business climate in Mexico is very competitive, which highlights the need for directors to be constantly updated on administrative and top-management issues. It’s common for the company CEO to take some kind of industry-related course or diploma,” says Luciana Caletti, Vice President for Latin America of the Glassdoor recruitment website.

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