mayo 10, 2021

Dracula is ready to ‘bite’ with vaccines against Covid-19

Do you like to stay in his Castle? As long as you there maybe you should get your vaccine.
enero 7, 2021
Americans don’t want to get vaccinated

37% of Americans don’t want to get vaccinated against Covid-19

People don’t trust the vaccine, because they suspect that there are political strategies undermining its scientific backing.
diciembre 30, 2020
Mexico’s challenges for vaccinating

Mexico’s challenges for vaccinating against Covid-19

The Mexican government will present its vaccination plan. Tec Review talks to experts to find out what they foresee.
diciembre 24, 2020
continuar los ensayos de las vacunas contra la Covid-19

Should Covid-19 vaccine trials continue after the vaccines have been authorized?

The pharmaceutical company Moderna has revealed that a participant in its trial, who hadn’t been vaccinated, died of the coronavirus.
diciembre 3, 2020
Sputnik V vaccine

Mexicans prefer the Sputnik V vaccine

According to a survey, Mexicans prefer the Russian Sputnik vaccine and more than half of those surveyed in 11 countries have already heard of it.
agosto 26, 2020
When will a Covid-19 vaccine come to Mexico?

When will a Covid-19 vaccine come to Mexico?

Before the end of 2020, Mexico will join the Sanofi-Pasteur candidate tests. However, mass distribution will have to wait until 2021.
junio 25, 2020

The Mexican who is working to find a Covid-19 vaccine

The Exatec, Pavel Marichal Gallardo, says that what begun in his PHD classes ended in Contivir, a company that is in the path to find a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.
mayo 27, 2020

Marco Rito Palomares, the Mexican playing in the big leagues of biotechnology

It all started when he was at junior high. A teacher got him interested in science and there was no going back. He’s now one of the most important biotechnologists in the world.
abril 22, 2020

Mexico advocates for and achieves equality in future vaccines against COVID-19

Mexico has proposed to the United Nations that vaccines developed to prevent COVID-19 be available to all.