julio 28, 2021
most polluting sites

YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, and Amazon among the most polluting sites

Every time users switch tabs, they're looking for information, and the sites consume electricity to process the request and return the data.
julio 20, 2021
3D printing

3D printing: the only technology that will be taken to other planets

The idea is to turn it into the tool that makes all other tools to start a new civilization from scratch.
julio 13, 2021
software developed by NASA

Do you want software developed by NASA? All you have to do is ask

The catalog classifies the programs into 15 different categories that can help you with your business idea.
julio 5, 2021
Elon Musk’s satellite internet service

Elon Musk’s satellite internet service comes to Mexico

The current price of the service in the United States is 99 dollars.
junio 29, 2021
the rise and fall of Bitcoin

The rise and fall of Bitcoin: a game of governments and millionaires

We explain why the closure of mining farms has hit the most famous cryptocurrency.
junio 28, 2021
Elon Musk turns 50

Elon Musk Turns 50: physicist, entrepreneur and ‘conqueror’ of space

With his SpaceX company, he collaborates with NASA on new missions.
junio 22, 2021
impact of science and technology on business

The impact of science and technology on business

The advances that come with research and development can generate thousands of jobs and millions in profits.
junio 21, 2021
big names in tech who don’t pay taxes

Musk, Bezos, Buffett: big names in tech who don’t pay taxes

They declared 158 million dollars in wages in 2018, just 1.1% of what they reported as total income on their tax forms.
junio 4, 2021
Video game Aztech Forgotten Gods

Aztech Forgotten Gods, where the Aztecs were never conquered

A development studio in Chihuahua has announced a game that portrays the Mexica as a civilization fighting against the gods it forgot.
abril 19, 2021

The unfulfilled promise of robots and their second chance

As well as being a tour of robotics from ancient times to the present day, it’s a reflection on the pros and cons of this great human endeavor.
enero 27, 2021
trends that will transform people’s lives in 2021

Three trends that will transform people’s lives in 2021

A product innovation expert explains the new paradigms that are already starting to restructure society around the world.
noviembre 27, 2020

The future of the struggle against Covid, technology, and climate change with Joe Biden

The Democrat and former Vice President is ready to take office despite the possible legal fight against Donald Trump’s allegations of fraud.