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John Bardeen the man won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice

He won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice, and was told off by the...

John Bardeen (1908-1991) was an American scientist who twice won the Nobel Prize in Physics. To date, no one has been able to replicate his feat.

Julieta Fierro’s choice of myths debunked by science

Flat Earth theory and Olga Sánchez Cordero’s nanoparticle drops are some myths that have no scientific basis.
What is citizen science

What is citizen science? We explain how you can join in

Everyone can participate in various projects to contribute to the development of specialized and individual knowledge.
Rafael Navarro’s legacy will endure

Mexican scientists say Rafael Navarro’s legacy will endure

Mexican science is in mourning after the sad loss of Rafael Navarro, the leading Mexican researcher on questions related to Mars.
What is pseudoscience

What is pseudoscience?

Three scholars were asked by Tec Review to clarify where the line is between a scientific explanation and one that appears to be so but isn’t.
logros de la ciencia durante 2020

Los 10 logros de la ciencia durante 2020, según la revista Science

Entre los avances más importantes de este se encuentran desde la esperanza que han traído las vacunas hasta las voces que demandan diversidad racial.

Here’s the first woman to run the UNAM Institute of Nuclear Sciences

She reveals details of the moment when rector Enrique Graue told her the news of her appointment by cellphone.
3D technology: a key part of mapping the human genome

3D technology: a key part of mapping the human genome

Despite the high cost, this type of research will allow for further investigation of the genes involved in diseases such as diabetes.

Scientists define characteristics of two exoplanet systems

The findings will allow us to better understand the early phases of rocky planets like Earth and investigate the properties of exoplanets.

Three questions about the finding of mammoth remains in Santa Lucía

What species did they belong to? Can the construction work be canceled? What comes next after this discovery? Felisa Aguilar, Chairwoman of the INAH paleontology board, answers these questions.



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