abril 13, 2021

Plant lover? We explain why houseplants are addictive

We learn from them and we feel happiness when we see that they’re sprouting new flowers.
abril 8, 2021
The ‘mistake’ that sent the pandemic over the edge

The ‘mistake’ that sent the pandemic over the edge in Mexico, according to Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie

Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie, researcher and author of a book that analyzes how the pandemic was handled in Mexico, reveals what mistakes were made and whether something can still be done.
febrero 9, 2021
How long do Covid-19 vaccines protect you for

How long do Covid-19 vaccines protect you for?

Although these vaccines may be less effective than others, they do prevent serious infections and hospitalizations.
enero 13, 2021

The “horror show” facing cinemas in Mexico

Fear of becoming infected due to the pandemic has caused a major crisis in the national film industry.
enero 7, 2021
Americans don’t want to get vaccinated

37% of Americans don’t want to get vaccinated against Covid-19

People don’t trust the vaccine, because they suspect that there are political strategies undermining its scientific backing.
enero 4, 2021
government gives very little support to startups

“The government gives very little support to startups”: Ignacio de la Vega

Tec de Monterrey’s Business School Dean dissected the current bleak situation for startups and proposed solutions.
diciembre 28, 2020
Shadow IT

We explain Shadow IT and the risks it poses to your company

The IT vulnerability of companies has increased as they move to remote working.
diciembre 23, 2020
quebraron más de un millón de empresas

Why have more than a million companies gone under in Mexico?

The effects of the pandemic show the need to choose a more supportive economic system.
diciembre 17, 2020

Patients have stopped going to the doctor’s out of fear of Covid-19 infection and their conditions have worsened

The head of teaching at Hospital de la Ceguera says that irreversible complications are caused by people not going to clinics.
noviembre 12, 2020

What should Mexico do after the pandemic?

Experts warn that we are facing a syndemic due to the novel coronavirus and other non-communicable diseases. We should now move to a preventative model.
octubre 26, 2020

Quarantennials: what does it mean to be born during the pandemic?

The care of these babies and their parents is more rigorous, so as to avoid contagion among minors. This is what it is like to be born in the middle of the pandemic.
octubre 23, 2020
Covid-19 cases

Here’s how the public can stop Covid-19 cases from increasing

During the pandemic, everyone is jointly responsible. Everyone can make the difference between stopping or spreading the virus.