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What should Mexico do after the pandemic?

Experts warn that we are facing a syndemic due to the novel coronavirus and other non-communicable diseases. We should now move to a preventative model.

Quarantennials: what does it mean to be born during the pandemic?

The care of these babies and their parents is more rigorous, so as to avoid contagion among minors. This is what it is like to be born in the middle of the pandemic.
Covid-19 cases

Here’s how the public can stop Covid-19 cases from increasing

During the pandemic, everyone is jointly responsible. Everyone can make the difference between stopping or spreading the virus.
¿Hay luz al final del túnel?: efectos de la pandemia en el turismo de México

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The effects of the pandemic...

Tourist destinations have had to transform themselves to regain the attention of travelers who are fearful of catching Covid-19.
organic fruit

A sweet organic fruit startup that overcame the pandemic

We tell you the story of Sweet Berries Puebla, the business which showed that love conquers all... even during Covid-19.

David Garza Salazar and the art of taking over during an emergency

For the Tec’s executive president, the focus has been on taking care of people’s health, guaranteeing academic continuity, and contributing to mitigating the impact.
A new path for used bookstores

A new path for used bookstores

There are possibilities for reinventing one’s business and surviving, as even used bookstores can find new business models.
had to come out of the closet during the pandemic

The Tec graduate who is supporting employees who had to ‘come out of the...

Jorge Guevara, from American Express, supports his employees who hadn’t come out of the closet and had to tell their families during the pandemic.
vacation leave pandemic

6 pros and cons of asking for vacation leave during the pandemic

You’re entitled to vacations when you’ve been working somewhere for a year. Take these 6 considerations into account when asking for leave.
sex during the pandemic

Sex during the pandemic: this is what happens to your brain

Mexicans and their experiences of sexuality during quarantine: the loss of sexual desire, stress, and sexting (a closer look at the mind).



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