new normal

febrero 12, 2021
risks of starting a business in the new normal

The risks of starting a business in the new normal

Calculation and prevention are key to making sure startups flourish instead of withering away.
octubre 13, 2020

The pandemic is reviving museums

Specialists and directors talk about the opportunity to strengthen the dual role that these institutions play in the community.
septiembre 22, 2020
cine, Montaña de Guerrero, cineclubes, nueva normalidad

The cinema that’s struggling to stay open in La Montaña, Guerrero

There’s only one cinema in La Montaña, Guerrero, which is in Huamuxtitlán. It is looking to reopen safely and carry on in the new normal.
julio 21, 2020

The difficult task of preparing your children for the ‘new normal’

Face masks, social distancing inside classrooms, and small groups are the recommendations for returning children to daycare centers and elementary schools.
julio 15, 2020 checks if your company is ready to return to work

The entrepreneurs behind the software are able to offer companies information about employees’ safe return to the workplace.