Latin America

marzo 3, 2021
Bertil Andersson

Bertil Andersson: Tec has the potential to lead medical research in Latin America

In a world where big companies no longer make all the new health discoveries, the Tec can join the new global pharmaceutical ecosystem.
septiembre 15, 2020

Entrepreneurship is key to recovery after Covid-19 in Latin America

Identifying opportunities, seeking investment, and receiving support from both private industry and government can help entrepreneurs to survive the crisis.
febrero 15, 2020

Tec joins University Global Compact against climate change

It’s the only Mexican university in the alliance, which contemplates real solutions for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
octubre 1, 2019

Artificial intelligence and genomics to be used in building the largest biobank in Latin America

Genomic testing company Código 46 is working with Microsoft to revolutionize medicine through personalized treatments.