octubre 13, 2021
Tec campuses

By 2040, 80% of energy on Tec campuses will be renewable

Currently, 49% of the energy consumed on its facilities comes from sustainable sources.
octubre 12, 2021
Glaciers in Greenland

Aerial mission from NASA to measure melt in Greenland

Melting in that region of the planet is potentially dangerous, one more effect of climate change.
septiembre 2, 2020
paper receipts

The Mexican company that wants to throw away paper receipts

Airpop hopes more companies migrate to the digitization of their sales receipts to bring benefits to the environment and savings to businesses.
julio 2, 2020

Exequiel Ezcurra: an old hand at conservation in Mexico

Through firm leadership, the naturalized Mexican biologist has transformed scientific knowledge into public policy, and created models for conservation.
abril 28, 2020

Greta Thunberg isn’t alone

The planet’s environmental health is at risk if urgent measures are not taken. Faced with this panorama, millions of young people have taken up the reins of activism, and though they may have differing perspectives, protest against climate change.