julio 29, 2021
dark stores

What are dark stores? Entrepreneurship that thrives in the pandemic

The formula allows entrepreneurs to spend less on rent, maintenance, and refurbishing their physical premises.
julio 15, 2021
technology businesses

Technology businesses: the Big Data revolution to understand customers

A business that carries on making money, even while you sleep. No, it’s not impossible.
julio 8, 2021
financial freedom

Financial freedom: tips on finding true independence

It’s not impossible to change jobs, move out of your parents’ house, and find a job that pays enough for you to save and plan for the future.
junio 30, 2021
House sharing

House sharing? Tips on being the ‘roomie’ everyone wants to have

It’s not only about looking for the right price and place to live. There should also be respect for the person you’re going to live with.
junio 14, 2021
how to recover from an economic crisis

How can you recover from an economic crisis?

The adult population in Mexico didn’t go into debt during the pandemic. On the contrary, the percentage of savings increased by 9.7%.
junio 7, 2021
how to create an impressive résumé

How can you create an impressive résumé?

Include words that match the position you are applying for and emphasize your soft skills.
junio 1, 2021
entrepreneurship and industrial property

Entrepreneurship and industrial property: what to consider and why

The time is ripe for entrepreneurship, but we shouldn’t forget to protect our brands and ideas.
mayo 18, 2021
Innovation entrepreneurship and sustainability

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability: the benefits of keeping them together

When they are mixed, great ideas can come about. Besides generating income, they can benefit the environment and society.
mayo 6, 2021

The Tec graduates on Expansión’s list of 30 promising leaders

Young men and women who are making a difference with disruptive ideas, but with a social conscience.
marzo 29, 2021
What’s a hub?

What’s a hub? How can it help you start a business?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s better to be accompanied than alone. That’s the premise […]
marzo 4, 2021
digital entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs: here to stay

If you started a digital business in the pandemic or want to start, we leave you the basics that you must know to achieve success.
febrero 19, 2021
How to use TikTok to boost your startup

How to use TikTok to boost your startup

The social network has become a powerful outlet channel for small businesses. Here we explain how to use it to your advantage.