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What’s a hub?

What’s a hub? How can it help you start a business?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s better to be accompanied than alone. That’s the premise of the hub, a place for making connections that...
digital entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs: here to stay

If you started a digital business in the pandemic or want to start, we leave you the basics that you must know to achieve success.
How to use TikTok to boost your startup

How to use TikTok to boost your startup

The social network has become a powerful outlet channel for small businesses. Here we explain how to use it to your advantage.
risks of starting a business in the new normal

The risks of starting a business in the new normal

Calculation and prevention are key to making sure startups flourish instead of withering away.
XBA Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that aims to solve problems for SMEs

Companies are facing the worst-case scenario: a long lockdown and the challenges of a post-pandemic world. These entrepreneurs are searching for new solutions.
Latin American entrepreneur of the year

MIT has named the Latin American entrepreneur of the year… and he’s a Tec...

He won recognition thanks to his algorithm for discerning which true influencers are best for brands.

The Mexican Tec graduates who are using vertical farming to eradicate hunger

Vertical farms use 90% less water than traditional agriculture and can meet the challenge of feeding more than 9 billion people.
quebraron más de un millón de empresas

Why have more than a million companies gone under in Mexico?

The effects of the pandemic show the need to choose a more supportive economic system.
what is mobbing

What is mobbing? How can you prevent it in your startup?

Being a boss isn’t just about making more money. You also need to be aware of the needs of your employees and prevent harassment at work.

The INCmty entrepreneurship event is going virtual

The most important gathering in Latin America is transforming in order to continue being a showcase for entrepreneurial progress in Mexico and the world.



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