noviembre 19, 2020

The hero model: the new organizational structure à la MacGyver

Positive psychology specialist claims that employees’ happiness contributes to them becoming company heroes.
octubre 19, 2020
what is mobbing

What is mobbing? How can you prevent it in your startup?

Being a boss isn’t just about making more money. You also need to be aware of the needs of your employees and prevent harassment at work.
agosto 10, 2020
happiness of your employees profitable for your company

Is the happiness of your employees profitable for your company?

The wellness program promoted by Gizehlle García is a necessity for companies that want to comply with NOM-035.
enero 3, 2020

This is the formula for retaining your Millennial employees

The Johnson & Johnson and Teleperformance companies revealed some of the programs they implement to retain young talent in their companies.