enero 20, 2021

Say hello to Alex, the first Mexican penguin

Alex is the first Antarctic penguin to be born on national territory. Find out all the details about this chick in this photo gallery.
diciembre 4, 2020
islas marias

Mexico to invest 17.5 million pesos in Islas Marías: Will this be enough to recover its biodiversity?

A first group of young people was educated in environmental matters, but there’s a setback in the conservation status of the species on the archipelago.
julio 24, 2020

Solastalgia and the distress caused by the loss of nature

This condition is triggered by phenomena such as droughts, deforestation, sudden changes in the climate, or even earthquakes.
julio 8, 2020

The “science fiction” experiment warning about CO2 concentrations

According to researchers in Biosphere 2, plants can only process up to 600 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Earth is close to 500 parts per million.
julio 2, 2020

Exequiel Ezcurra: an old hand at conservation in Mexico

Through firm leadership, the naturalized Mexican biologist has transformed scientific knowledge into public policy, and created models for conservation.