climate change

julio 2, 2021

It’s not just a heatwave, it’s climate change

There are records of drastic changes in the climate beginning eight years ago.
diciembre 21, 2020

Tec de Monterrey, the only Mexican nominator for the EarthShot Prize

The search for the first winners has begun. Everyone can participate: students, associations, other universities, and even individual applicants.
noviembre 27, 2020

The future of the struggle against Covid, technology, and climate change with Joe Biden

The Democrat and former Vice President is ready to take office despite the possible legal fight against Donald Trump’s allegations of fraud.
abril 28, 2020

Greta Thunberg isn’t alone

The planet’s environmental health is at risk if urgent measures are not taken. Faced with this panorama, millions of young people have taken up the reins of activism, and though they may have differing perspectives, protest against climate change.