febrero 8, 2021
What is pseudoscience

What is pseudoscience?

Three scholars were asked by Tec Review to clarify where the line is between a scientific explanation and one that appears to be so but isn’t.
diciembre 11, 2020

Here’s the first woman to run the UNAM Institute of Nuclear Sciences

She reveals details of the moment when rector Enrique Graue told her the news of her appointment by cellphone.
octubre 27, 2020

Interview | These women are the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and are behind the CRISPR/Cas9 revolution

Charpentier and Doudna developed the technology programmed to recognize specific sequences in genes and introduce correct mutations into DNA.
septiembre 21, 2020

RoboRXN, the robot that tests chemical reactions remotely

The technology uses artificial intelligence to predict chemical reactions and make the production of molecules and medication more accessible.