marzo 24, 2021
business from home

Running a business from home: three entrepreneurs who made it happen

The crisis has forced some people to work from home, while others have discovered new ideas and fulfilled their dreams.
febrero 12, 2021
risks of starting a business in the new normal

The risks of starting a business in the new normal

Calculation and prevention are key to making sure startups flourish instead of withering away.
noviembre 26, 2020

From one entrepreneur to another: 3 keys to cybersecurity for your business

The founder of Delta Protect recommends that Mexican business owners make cybersecurity a part of everyday organizational culture.
noviembre 18, 2020

The exotic delicacies of San Juan Market go digital with MyCashless

After suffering drops in sales of up to 80% due to the pandemic, the Market changed its strategy. You can now pay over the internet and receive products at home.
octubre 14, 2020
¿Hay luz al final del túnel?: efectos de la pandemia en el turismo de México

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The effects of the pandemic on tourism in Mexico

Tourist destinations have had to transform themselves to regain the attention of travelers who are fearful of catching Covid-19.
julio 1, 2020

Can we disinfect your car? A business opportunity during Covid-19

To keep their businesses afloat, car dealers have worked with manufacturers to offer new services for vehicles, such as sanitization.
junio 23, 2020

What is the circular economy and what benefits can it bring to your business?

Producing the least amount of waste is one of the objectives of this process, avoiding the “develop to destroy” supply chain.
mayo 21, 2020

Wanted: Leaders with Purpose

Why are more and more companies adopting human leadership? Because adding this aspect to their way of doing business gives them a competitive advantage.
mayo 10, 2020

Can you make money out of Artificial Intelligence?

An increasing number of companies in the United States, Europe, and China are using this technology. What about in Mexico? There’s still a window of opportunity in the sector.