junio 18, 2021

Their genes are what make dogs your best friends

A study has examined the social skills of these animals.
junio 9, 2021
San Andreas Fault

What is the San Andreas Fault and why are people so afraid of it?

Earthquakes in the region of California have alerted geologists to activity along the San Andreas fault.
junio 8, 2021

Is 150 years really the limit of human lifespan?

But just how long could a human actually live? It’s a question people have been asking for centuries.
junio 3, 2021
emotional intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? What types are there?

We tell you what we need it for, what types there are, and how it affects social relationships.
mayo 31, 2021
space tourism

How close are we to space tourism?

It looks like we’re on the verge of achieving space travel for everyone, but it still boils down to those who have a lot of money to pay for it.
mayo 28, 2021
dogs are intelligent

Are dogs intelligent? Experts explain how

We’re sometimes surprised by their responsiveness, but how do they do it?