junio 16, 2021
German CureVac vaccine

German CureVac vaccine protocol: public-private collaboration success story

TecSalud has so far recruited 1,977 volunteers, who represent 5% of the worldwide total.
junio 11, 2021
women in leadership positions

Women in leadership positions and their stories of how they got there

Success for women often requires double the effort, because they still have to fight against sexist violence.
mayo 27, 2021
The Tec graduate who won a fellowship from NASA

The Tec graduate who won a fellowship from NASA for astrophysics

Luis Welbanks, a graduate of PrepaTec State of Mexico, has received a fellowship from the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP).
mayo 24, 2021
business coaching

What’s business coaching?

Learn key information about this discipline, which in many cases is fundamental to a company’s success.
mayo 12, 2021
Carlos Cortés the story behind the Tec graduate

Carlos Cortés: the story behind the Tec graduate who won an Oscar

This sound engineer created the sound for the movie in Tepoztlán, Mexico. We tell you more.
mayo 12, 2021
Sally Buzbee

Sally Buzbee: the first woman to serve as The Washington Post’s top editor

Ms. Buzbee is the executive editor and senior vice president of AP.