The pandemic is slowing down heart transplants

The pandemic is slowing down heart transplants

On July 21, 1988, the first heart transplant was performed. This year, donors have decreased due to numerous SARS-CoV-2 cases.

Single-use plastic: the other pandemic

Citizens see plastic as a safe alternative to prevent Covid-19 infection. But the virus lives up to 96 hours on this material.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP checks if your company is ready to return to work

The entrepreneurs behind the software are able to offer companies information about employees’ safe return to the workplace.

5 Advantages of Hubs for Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship

Their goal is not only to accelerate startups, but also to foster cooperation for joint development.





Tona Grasa, a Mexican who’s breaking the boundaries of animation

A Tec digital art graduate, Tona’s made a name for himself in Vancouver, Canada, where his job is bringing characters to life for Dreamworks and other international firms.

Who will doctors allocate ventilators to?

The Mexican authorities have issued guidelines for the criteria that health workers should apply when allocating equipment, as well as telling them how to proceed when equipment is scarce.



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