septiembre 16, 2020

34 years of the Mexican Postal Service and its new lease of life through e-commerce

Nostalgia for postcards and letters, how it’s being used for electronic commerce: Tec Review looks at the history of the postal service.
julio 20, 2020

The Tec graduate eBay manager who helps you get started in e-commerce Technology

eBay has started a new program to help small and medium-sized business owners venture into online sales. The call closes on July 31.
julio 31, 2020

Silanes: the Mexican laboratory that’s analyzing a molecule for fighting Covid-19

If the Mexican laboratory gets positive results, it will provide a complementary treatment to the vaccine that is in-process around the world.


mayo 5, 2021
How you can become an investor

How can you become an investor? It’ll cost you less than a cup of coffee

If you spend between 20 and 40 pesos on your daily cup of coffee, we tell you what your options are to ensure a better future.
abril 27, 2021
Entrepreneurship and Law

Entrepreneurship and Law: an essential relationship

In Mexico, informality prevails, and this results in a failure to comply with laws, rules, regulations, and other legal frameworks.


mayo 12, 2021
Carlos Cortés the story behind the Tec graduate

Carlos Cortés: the story behind the Tec graduate who won an Oscar

This sound engineer created the sound for the movie in Tepoztlán, Mexico. We tell you more.
mayo 12, 2021
Sally Buzbee

Sally Buzbee: the first woman to serve as The Washington Post’s top editor

Ms. Buzbee is the executive editor and senior vice president of AP.


mayo 14, 2021

Dogecoin: the cryptocurrency that’s win and loose with one tweet

Launched in 2013 as a satirical critique of the cryptocurrency frenzy, it is now the sixth most widely used cryptocurrency in the world.
mayo 4, 2021
digital legacy

Our digital legacy: the data we leave behind when we die

What happens to our data after we die? Two specialists propose different scenarios.