agosto 6, 2021
personal branding on social media

Personal branding on social media: how do you want to be seen?

How are you going to tell your story? What do you want people to say about you? According to experts, these are the questions you should begin with.
octubre 3, 2019

Ximena Vega, the Tec graduate who gave Tetra Pak a new lease of life

Her idea calls for a new reverse logistics system to reuse multilayer packaging and supply other industries.
junio 30, 2021
House sharing

House sharing? Tips on being the ‘roomie’ everyone wants to have

It’s not only about looking for the right price and place to live. There should also be respect for the person you’re going to live with.


enero 20, 2022
side hustle

Should I have a second job? The advantages of a side hustle

Although they have become popular and can help your personal development, you have to ask yourself if you really need them.
enero 4, 2022

The best Latin American startups include one app to combat bullying and another for learning English

These startups were selected to represent Latin America at the global finals to be held in London on January 20, 2022.
diciembre 23, 2021
Incode, the latest Mexican unicorn

Incode is the latest Mexican unicorn company

The first in the biometrics industry, this startup raised 220 million dollars in its latest round.



enero 18, 2022
How is world preparing to prevent future pandemics?

The warnings the world should listen to before the next pandemic

Covid-19 won’t be the last health emergency the world will suffer from, which is why we should be prepared for the next one.
enero 17, 2022
post-COVID-19 condition

Post-COVID-19 condition: the name for the after-effects of SARS-CoV-2

According to the WHO, this will help in developing specific treatments.
enero 10, 2022
howler monkey

Howler monkey, the “farmer of the forest” fights extinction

These primates are a fundamental part of the regeneration cycle of tropical forests, but they are in serious danger of extinction.


diciembre 29, 2021
Paul LeBlanc

Rector Paul LeBlanc’s dream is a university that evaluates without grades

The expert proposes defining the way of measuring learning before the educational curriculum and focusing on the wishes of students.
diciembre 28, 2021
highways in Mexico are a risk for migrants

Highways in Mexico, a risk for migrants

A study carried out by the Secretariat of the Interior indicates that, although most migrant deaths occur in the United States, highways in Mexico are a risk.
diciembre 9, 2021
father who built a laboratory in his apartment

The father who built a laboratory in his apartment to save his son’s life

As his baby suffers from a rare disease and the medicine was unavailable in China, he started making it himself.