mayo 25, 2021
what’s social innovation

What’s social innovation? How can it transform your community?

Here’s how you can alter the reality of a community or a country. In this article, we present some examples that have already been successful.
abril 19, 2021

The unfulfilled promise of robots and their second chance

As well as being a tour of robotics from ancient times to the present day, it’s a reflection on the pros and cons of this great human endeavor.
agosto 3, 2021
symptoms of the delta variant

These are the symptoms of the Delta variant

A study carried out in the United Kingdom shows that there are new signs for concern.


septiembre 21, 2021
Internet advertising

The e-commerce boom: internet advertising on the rise

Advertisers want to promote their products using digital media, and agencies have registered an increase in these services.
septiembre 9, 2021

Telematics: the future of automobile management

Although it isn’t possible yet to control a vehicle without a driver, the technology isn’t far off.
septiembre 9, 2021
Womenly platform

Womenly platform helps female entrepreneurs avoid failure

It’s estimated that 75% of startups shut down after only two years. This page seeks to change that.


septiembre 20, 2021
vision of Tec de Monterrey’s presidents and rectors

The vision of Tec de Monterrey’s presidents and rectors

agosto 27, 2021
tec de monterrey

Tec and UNAM create consortium for entrepreneurship, technology, and science


septiembre 14, 2021
Covid-19 improves air quality

Covid-19 improves air quality, according to the UN

Experts explain that the pandemic is no substitute for sustained and systematic action to tackle major drivers of pollution and climate change.
septiembre 13, 2021
Hospitalization risk

Delta variant doubles the risk of hospitalization

A study shows that unvaccinated people are more likely to need a hospital bed.
septiembre 11, 2021
Schrödinger’s cats

Schrödinger’s cats and quantum physics

It makes your head spin when you try to imagine that it’s possible for something to be and not to be at the same time in quantum mechanics.


septiembre 17, 2021
Bitcoin in El Salvador

How does bitcoin work in El Salvador? Here are the risks and challenges

septiembre 15, 2021
Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes: the entrepreneur who deceived the world


agosto 31, 2021
Will girls have to leave school in Afghanistan

Will girls have to leave school in Afghanistan?

The ban on women’s education isn’t a consequence of the U.S. withdrawal. It has a decades-long history.
agosto 25, 2021
Gulf of Mexico dead zone

A dead zone is growing under the Gulf of Mexico

This low-oxygen area is the size of the state of Connecticut.
agosto 13, 2021
types of wellbeing

What types of wellbeing are there?

So far, no one can agree on all of the aspects that human beings need in order to reach a state of complete satisfaction.