abril 22, 2021
Zoom fatigue

Zoom fatigue and four steps to beating it

Stanford University has identified at least four aspects that cause tiredness when videoconferencing.
abril 8, 2021
The ‘mistake’ that sent the pandemic over the edge

The ‘mistake’ that sent the pandemic over the edge in Mexico, according to Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie

Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie, researcher and author of a book that analyzes how the pandemic was handled in Mexico, reveals what mistakes were made and whether something can still be done.
marzo 30, 2021

We talk about microsexism (and how to eradicate it from your life)

Microsexism means the violent actions and attitudes that are experienced in everyday life. These are […]
marzo 26, 2021

The expenses and responsibilities of having a pet

70% of the dogs and cats in the country are homeless, so before making a decision we give you these tips.
marzo 19, 2021
renewable energies are needed to prevent blackouts

Experts: more renewable energies are needed to prevent blackouts

Dependence on a single form of energy production causes any country to lose the ability to adapt to environmental changes.
marzo 5, 2021
Which people are affected by depression

Which people are affected by depression?

It’s been predicted that, even when the pandemic is over, its effects on people’s mental health will continue to be present if not treated in time.
marzo 1, 2021

Types of romantic relationships and new groupings

What types of relationships are there, and what do they consist of? What type of relationship do I have or want to have? How can I improve it? Experts explain.
enero 29, 2021
First pre-Colombian sculpture of the female form

First pre-Colombian sculpture of the female form found in Veracruz

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) explained that this piece represents a young woman from the ruling elite due to her posture and attire.
enero 28, 2021
emotional intelligence is useful

Why emotional intelligence is useful and how not to think with a ‘cool head’

Contrary to what you’ve always heard, emotions matter, and more so when it comes to making decisions. Here’s everything you need to know about emotional intelligence.
enero 13, 2021

The “horror show” facing cinemas in Mexico

Fear of becoming infected due to the pandemic has caused a major crisis in the national film industry.
enero 8, 2021
Christmas gifts, giving experiences, BigBox

The best present could be an experience

The holiday season is coming. What gifts are you going to give? Do you want to give an unforgettable present? Here are some alternatives.
enero 6, 2021
playing with fireworks

The risks to your eyes of playing with fireworks

In Mexico, 30% of injuries caused by fireworks are sight-related.