agosto 31, 2021
Will girls have to leave school in Afghanistan

Will girls have to leave school in Afghanistan?

The ban on women’s education isn’t a consequence of the U.S. withdrawal. It has a decades-long history.
agosto 25, 2021
Gulf of Mexico dead zone

A dead zone is growing under the Gulf of Mexico

This low-oxygen area is the size of the state of Connecticut.
agosto 13, 2021
types of wellbeing

What types of wellbeing are there?

So far, no one can agree on all of the aspects that human beings need in order to reach a state of complete satisfaction.
julio 30, 2021
mental challenge facing athletes

The mental challenge facing athletes at Tokyo 2020

On top of physical training, athletes now have to consider an extra component when adapting to the new conditions.
julio 26, 2021
fourth age

What is the fourth age?

We tell you about the care this population group requires.
julio 16, 2021
life coach

What’s a life coach? Learn how to identify them

If you have a personal goal and don’t know where to start or how to get there, you may need a guide. We give you some tips on how to get one.
julio 9, 2021
taking care of the environment

Taking care of the environment: why is it important?

From caring for houseplants, to taking care of our blue coal. We explain some of the aspects of environmental awareness.
julio 2, 2021

It’s not just a heatwave, it’s climate change

There are records of drastic changes in the climate beginning eight years ago.
junio 24, 2021
what is osteoarthritis

What is osteoarthritis? Yes, it affects women more than men

Symptoms of this condition usually manifest themselves from the age of 40. If not treated in time, it can cause people to become wheelchair bound.
junio 17, 2021
marrying my best friend

Marrying my best friend: the legal risks of their platonic marriages

These “nonconjugal couples” – mutually supportive relationships that lack a sexual component – are challenging social and legal norms around family.
junio 15, 2021

Edutainment: Is it a good idea to educate through entertainment?

This merging of education and entertainment is based on the natural tendency of humans to want to hear stories.
junio 14, 2021
cuban model vehicle enthusiasts

Facing scarcity, Cuban model vehicle enthusiasts find a new business

Model vehicles are nearly exclusively a niche adult hobby in Communist-run Cuba, but they have been out of stock in shops for years.