Tec to analyze wastewater to detect Covid-19

The technique has been developed by different scientists around the world and its effectiveness has been proven to determine the circulation of the virus in large communities.

The forum about your happiness is almost here

Wellbeing 360, an event organized by Tecmilenio, will take place virtually from October 26 to 30.
¿Hay luz al final del túnel?: efectos de la pandemia en el turismo de México

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The effects of the pandemic...

Tourist destinations have had to transform themselves to regain the attention of travelers who are fearful of catching Covid-19.

The pandemic is reviving museums

Specialists and directors talk about the opportunity to strengthen the dual role that these institutions play in the community.
cine, Montaña de Guerrero, cineclubes, nueva normalidad

The cinema that’s struggling to stay open in La Montaña, Guerrero

There’s only one cinema in La Montaña, Guerrero, which is in Huamuxtitlán. It is looking to reopen safely and carry on in the new normal.

34 years of the Mexican Postal Service and its new lease of life through...

Nostalgia for postcards and letters, how it’s being used for electronic commerce: Tec Review looks at the history of the postal service.
Will a return to classes via television help students?

Will a return to classes via television help students?

30 million children will go back to classes. Experts warn about the risks and benefits.
Mexican Risk Capital investments have fallen during the pandemic

Mexican Risk Capital investments have fallen during the pandemic

The number of investments has decreased since the beginning of 2020 and has worsened since the second quarter. Both geopolitical risks and the pandemic have played a role.

The resilience we learned from the survivors of the Hiroshima tragedy

In Japan, those who survived the nuclear explosion are known as hibakusha, and they have taught us a lot about humanity’s resilience in times of crisis.
4 points of the “new mobility” plan

The 4 points of the “new mobility” plan for dealing with the pandemic

Transport solutions for people and goods are already within our reach from different platforms that respond to the challenges of the new normal.



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