The “horror show” facing cinemas in Mexico

Fear of becoming infected due to the pandemic has caused a major crisis in the national film industry.
Christmas gifts, giving experiences, BigBox

The best present could be an experience

The holiday season is coming. What gifts are you going to give? Do you want to give an unforgettable present? Here are some alternatives.
playing with fireworks

The risks to your eyes of playing with fireworks

In Mexico, 30% of injuries caused by fireworks are sight-related.
Millennials en pandemia

Millennials during the pandemic: back at home or seeking independence?

The pandemic has forced many young people to leave their apartments and return home to their parents, but others have seen the health crisis as an opportunity to become independent.
marijuana or tobacco

We explain which does more harm to your body: marijuana or tobacco

Tobacco has been found to have more harmful effects simply because it’s been studied for longer than marijuana.
should do to make up for spending the sitting down

Scientists reveal how much exercise you should do to make up for spending the...

A sedentary lifestyle, spending too much time without physical activity, is becoming one of the biggest health risks.
Christmas parties during Covid-19

Can we have Christmas parties during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The holiday season has begun, bringing with it the common cold, the flu, and Covid-19. Four TecSalud experts explain what we can do to protect ourselves.

Lumbago, the enemy of people staying at home

Lack of movement and obesity trigger back pain that, in severe cases, warrants surgery.
artificial sweeteners

The bitter truth about artificial sweeteners

Although they have the advantage of not causing weight gain, synthetic sugar substitutes can cause disorders such as diabetes.
humanizing your pets

The dangers of humanizing your pets

Walking dogs in strollers and cuddling cats too much are some habits that harm the health of pets.



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