junio 17, 2021
marrying my best friend

Marrying my best friend: the legal risks of their platonic marriages

These “nonconjugal couples” – mutually supportive relationships that lack a sexual component – are challenging social and legal norms around family.
junio 15, 2021

Edutainment: Is it a good idea to educate through entertainment?

This merging of education and entertainment is based on the natural tendency of humans to want to hear stories.
junio 14, 2021
cuban model vehicle enthusiasts

Facing scarcity, Cuban model vehicle enthusiasts find a new business

Model vehicles are nearly exclusively a niche adult hobby in Communist-run Cuba, but they have been out of stock in shops for years.
junio 4, 2021
hekking Mona Lisa

The Hekking Mona Lisa: the value of a fake painting

Raymond Hekking made the sensational claim that the Mona Lisa in the Louvre was not the original.
junio 2, 2021
Do you need to wear a face mask to do exercise?

Do you need to wear a face mask to do exercise?

The WHO has made a statement regarding the use of face masks during physical exercise, which explains whether or not they work as a measure of protection.
mayo 31, 2021
cicadas 2021

Cicadas 2021? The Olympic debut in miniature art scenes

The artist Oxana Ware create small-scale art installations. The idea behind it is helped children become unafraid of the insects.
mayo 26, 2021
LGBT young people

54% of LGBT young people suffer from bullying

Experts believe that educational content should also be inclusive.
mayo 19, 2021
lithium in mexico

Lithium in Mexico: the reasons for the heated debate

To nationalize or not to nationalize lithium? Five experts offer answers to this question that has generated political tensions in Mexico.
mayo 18, 2021
stolen Cortes papers

Amateur detectives traced stolen Cortés papers to US and Mexico wants them back

Countries are watching auction houses for potentially pilfered objects.
mayo 14, 2021
Ohio offers 1 million

Ohio offers 1 million prize to get vaccinated

117 million Americans, more than one-third of the U.S. population, had been fully inoculated.
mayo 11, 2021
home concerts

Ordering takeout? Try home concerts

Artists said that it doesn't matter whether they play for 100,000 people or 30.
mayo 10, 2021

Dracula is ready to ‘bite’ with vaccines against Covid-19

Do you like to stay in his Castle? As long as you there maybe you should get your vaccine.