mayo 31, 2020

7 virtual tours of museums in Mexico

Tec Review presents a selection of seven Mexican museums that encourage cultural exchange through online tours and activities.
mayo 29, 2020

Telepsychology on the rise during Covid-19 pandemic

The Mexican app has reported a 30% increase in the number of users during the Covid-19 pandemic.
mayo 28, 2020

Cyber criminals take advantage of pandemic to increase attacks

The terms “Covid-19” and “coronavirus” have become popular. Cyber criminals have taken advantage of this trend to create domains with fraudulent information and commit crimes.
mayo 10, 2020

Can you make money out of Artificial Intelligence?

An increasing number of companies in the United States, Europe, and China are using this technology. What about in Mexico? There’s still a window of opportunity in the sector.
mayo 5, 2020

Biometrics: Your Body Is the Key

Your face. Your iris. Your voice. Your fingerprint. We are our own best password.
mayo 1, 2020

The pandemic shows us how urgent it is to close the digital divide

Growing use of the internet and the way it helps bring us together despite confinement has turned it into an essential tool for the ‘new reality’.
abril 13, 2020
The A-NÍMO robot in action at the San José Hospital. Photo: TecSalud

Technology v COVID-19: TecSalud is using a robot to treat patients

The main advantages of using the robot are to prevent infections among medical personnel, to save protective materials and to still provide patients with human attention.
marzo 12, 2020

Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who helped humanity land on the Moon, has died

This space scientist helped Apollo 11 get to the Moon.
enero 13, 2020

Technologies from Star Wars that exist in our galaxy

Although many of the saga’s elements were considered fanciful, they’ve become research topics that are currently in development.
octubre 2, 2019

Revolution in sight. New technologies jostle to please the human eye

octubre 1, 2019

EduTubers, the new influencers in education

Channels like Julioprofe, Math2me, Pasos por ingeniería, Educatina and Aula365 form part of the community of creators on YouTube.
octubre 1, 2019

This is the first step towards reaping the benefits of 5G technology

It’s essential to continue adopting the new internet protocol (IPv6) to harness the full potential of this technology.
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