marzo 22, 2021
Can social media be regulated in Mexico

Can social media be regulated in Mexico? Here’s what the experts have to say

It’s become part of our lives, and we’re constantly checking it. But does it really need to be regulated?
febrero 4, 2021

UAV, the military technology in pursuit of sustainable agriculture

Drones were first flown as part of a strategy to strengthen the military. Now, they could save the world millions of liters of water.
febrero 3, 2021
The cyber threats from online classes

The cyber threats from online classes

Teachers and students often access digital school platforms unaware that the walls have ears.
enero 27, 2021
trends that will transform people’s lives in 2021

Three trends that will transform people’s lives in 2021

A product innovation expert explains the new paradigms that are already starting to restructure society around the world.
enero 12, 2021

The hazards of QR codes

This technology is put under the microscope by three experts, who share tips on how to use it safely.
diciembre 28, 2020
Shadow IT

We explain Shadow IT and the risks it poses to your company

The IT vulnerability of companies has increased as they move to remote working.
diciembre 9, 2020
pharmacies by Amazon

Pharmaceuticals without pharmacies: an irresponsible move by Amazon?

A debate has sprung up as to whether pharmacies should be replaced by a digital home delivery platform.
diciembre 7, 2020
Best Buy Mexico

Bye-Bye, Best Buy: stores to close in Mexico

The store anticipates that all employees’ life insurance will be covered for 2021 and it will also extend their major medical expense insurance.
noviembre 13, 2020
Apple brings 5G

Apple brings 5G to its new iPhones. What does this mean for the market?

The company joins others which already incorporate compatibility with this type of network
noviembre 4, 2020
5G technology

The United States wants to put an ‘American’ stamp on 5G technology

Some countries have managed to escape the trade war that the US has declared against China in the area of telecommunications and deployment of this connectivity.
octubre 9, 2020

What’s in the fine print on platforms for small businesses?

We tell you how much they charge in fees and what you need to do to get your business on these platforms.
septiembre 21, 2020

RoboRXN, the robot that tests chemical reactions remotely

The technology uses artificial intelligence to predict chemical reactions and make the production of molecules and medication more accessible.