how the Mexican automatic ventilator was made

Here’s how the Mexican VSZ-20-2 automatic ventilator was made to fight Covid-19

Tecnológico de Monterrey played a key role in constructing the Mexican VSZ-20-2 ventilator against Covid-19, which promises to be easy to produce.

Virtual cheers and enclosed audiences: the future of mass events

The effects of Covid-19 on mass events are far from clear. It’s like humanity is currently paddling out at sea with no land in sight. Countries have...

Desharp, the nanofoam that destroys needles and scalpels

An internet-connected device provides a cost-effective solution for collecting and safety issues to do with the handling of needles and scalpels.

The Mexican robot that detects cases of Covid-19

RoomieBot Covid-19 measures temperature and shortness of breath, verbally interacts with patients, identifies symptoms such as coughing, and collects demographic and clinical data.

Digital Classrooms, Tec’s Distance Learning Method

Programs taught via the Live method include real-time activities and interaction.

7 virtual tours of museums in Mexico

Tec Review presents a selection of seven Mexican museums that encourage cultural exchange through online tours and activities.

Telepsychology on the rise during Covid-19 pandemic

The Mexican app has reported a 30% increase in the number of users during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cyber criminals take advantage of pandemic to increase attacks

The terms “Covid-19” and “coronavirus” have become popular. Cyber criminals have taken advantage of this trend to create domains with fraudulent information and commit crimes.

Can you make money out of Artificial Intelligence?

An increasing number of companies in the United States, Europe, and China are using this technology. What about in Mexico? There’s still a window of opportunity in the sector.

Biometrics: Your Body Is the Key

Your face. Your iris. Your voice. Your fingerprint. We are our own best password.



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