marzo 13, 2020

Mexicans have found a formula for curing ocular growths

Tec researchers have developed a biopharmaceutical from the Live-forever plant that reverts or eliminates pterygia.
marzo 12, 2020

Here are the challenges some female scientists face in their profession

Here are the challenges some female scientists face in their profession
febrero 2, 2020

Tec using computational methods to study the Chinese coronavirus

Using algorithms, researchers are attempting to find a common ancestor for the nCoV-2019 virus and other known viruses.
diciembre 18, 2019

Mexicans create cream to heal wounds of diabetics

According to its creators, this product accelerates wound closure by up to three times the normal rate.
octubre 3, 2019

Five innovations that are transforming diabetes treatment

Here are five technological advances that could become options for patients with this disease.
octubre 1, 2019

COLMENA, the Mexican mission that will take robots to the Moon

The mission, which will be launched mid-2021, was developed at the UNAM Space Instrumentation Laboratory.
octubre 1, 2019

Eureka! Mexican Solves Centuries-Old Physics Problem

Mexican solves problem that Newton couldn’t in his day.
octubre 1, 2019

Mexican startups saving bees from extinction

A de Abeja and Abeja Reyna have found a way to set up a profitable business while safeguarding bees.
octubre 1, 2019

Science explained: What is deep brain stimulation?

This treatment provides an opportunity for patients with Parkinson’s when medication stops working.
octubre 1, 2019

Mexicans win the ‘Oscars’ of science for image of a black hole

The Breakthrough Prize was awarded to the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project, which captured an image of a black hole for the first time.
octubre 1, 2019

Liza Velarde, the Mexican who’s changing the lives of millions of cancer patients

The co-founder of Delee is the first Mexican to win the Cartier Women’s Initiative award.
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