junio 16, 2020

Cabo Pulmo and its fight to continue as a conservation success story

The inhabitants of Cabo Pulmo maintain a tourist industry while keeping its coral ecosystem safe.
junio 15, 2020

‘MexiCiencia’ fights against the fake news virus

Stories that the 5G antennas of mobile networks spread the coronavirus or eating avocado makes […]
junio 12, 2020

The plague that sparked Newton’s great ideas

What is light composed of? Does the force that causes apples to fall to the ground extend beyond the Earth? These were problems that Newton raised during quarantine due to the Great Plague of London.
junio 10, 2020

Scientists define characteristics of two exoplanet systems

The findings will allow us to better understand the early phases of rocky planets like Earth and investigate the properties of exoplanets.
junio 8, 2020

Did you believe in the existence of a parallel universe? Mexican astrophysicists debunk this fake news

Science fiction literature and movies include several hypotheses on parallel universes, but here’s what the scientists have to say.
junio 3, 2020

Three questions about the finding of mammoth remains in Santa Lucía

What species did they belong to? Can the construction work be canceled? What comes next after this discovery? Felisa Aguilar, Chairwoman of the INAH paleontology board, answers these questions.
mayo 27, 2020

Marco Rito Palomares, the Mexican playing in the big leagues of biotechnology

It all started when he was at junior high. A teacher got him interested in science and there was no going back. He’s now one of the most important biotechnologists in the world.
mayo 25, 2020

Mexican scientists design quick mobile test for Covid-19

The test, which is performed with the aid of a smartphone, provides a result in 15 minutes and is shared in real time with your doctor.
mayo 25, 2020

Gerardo Herrera: The big question physicists are asking ourselves

The lead scientist on the Mexican team at CERN (“the biggest laboratory in the world”) talks about Mexican contributions to world physics.
mayo 20, 2020

What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? The debate is finally over

The scientific community had been divided on theories. However, a new study clarifies what happened 66 million years ago.
mayo 13, 2020

The long road to studying brain diseases

Developing drugs to treat mental conditions can take up to 20 years, and these may not end up being approved. The search for answers begins with brain donations.
mayo 7, 2020

Do bats spread Covid-19? We debunk the myth

Only one species is responsible for the spread of Covid-19. Learn more about how bats benefit your life.