marzo 18, 2020

This is what the crew of Apollo 13 saw

The astronauts on this mission took a dangerous trajectory around the far side of the Moon, and NASA engineers can now show what they saw on that journey.
marzo 16, 2020

Who stole from whom? Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla

Who do you prefer? Amongst science nerds, few debates get more heated.
marzo 15, 2020

Mexican finds solution to centuries-old problem

“If Newton were alive today, I think he’d like to read my PhD thesis,” says […]
marzo 14, 2020

Astronomers capture a true stellar conflict

What’s interesting about this fight between stars is that it helps astronomers understand the final evolution of stars like the Sun better.
marzo 14, 2020

Why can’t you remember the first years of your life?

Some people can even remember events that happened when they were much younger.
marzo 13, 2020

Mexicans have found a formula for curing ocular growths

Tec researchers have developed a biopharmaceutical from the Live-forever plant that reverts or eliminates pterygia.
marzo 12, 2020

Here are the challenges some female scientists face in their profession

Here are the challenges some female scientists face in their profession
febrero 2, 2020

Tec using computational methods to study the Chinese coronavirus

Using algorithms, researchers are attempting to find a common ancestor for the nCoV-2019 virus and other known viruses.
diciembre 18, 2019

Mexicans create cream to heal wounds of diabetics

According to its creators, this product accelerates wound closure by up to three times the normal rate.
octubre 3, 2019

Five innovations that are transforming diabetes treatment

Here are five technological advances that could become options for patients with this disease.
octubre 1, 2019

COLMENA, the Mexican mission that will take robots to the Moon

The mission, which will be launched mid-2021, was developed at the UNAM Space Instrumentation Laboratory.
octubre 1, 2019

Eureka! Mexican Solves Centuries-Old Physics Problem

Mexican solves problem that Newton couldn’t in his day.