ultrasound scanner

The ultrasound scanner, an unsung hero in the struggle against Covid-19

It’s a very useful instrument for initial diagnoses, and also for critical patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Goldbach’s conjecture

Goldbach’s conjecture: unproven by humans or computers

The simplicity of this mathematical statement does not reflect its depth, which has surpassed any theory known to date.
emotional salary

What is an emotional salary?

We explain how to identify it, where it’s paid, how you can measure it, and the benefits it can bring to your company.
When to use condom

When to use condom and when not to

Experts remind you that love and trust aren’t vaccines against an infection. We explain more about sexual health.
Which people are affected by depression

Which people are affected by depression?

It’s been predicted that, even when the pandemic is over, its effects on people’s mental health will continue to be present if not treated in time.
digital entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs: here to stay

If you started a digital business in the pandemic or want to start, we leave you the basics that you must know to achieve success.
Bertil Andersson

Bertil Andersson: Tec has the potential to lead medical research in Latin America

In a world where big companies no longer make all the new health discoveries, the Tec can join the new global pharmaceutical ecosystem.

TecSalud is now administering the German CureVac vaccine

The biological product uses messenger RNA technology, which is considered one of the greatest advances of the last century.

Types of romantic relationships and new groupings

What types of relationships are there, and what do they consist of? What type of relationship do I have or want to have? How can I improve it? Experts explain.
angel investors

Angel investors could be the saviors of your business idea

An expert (who has already gone through the shark tank) explains this figure, for those who want to grow their startups.



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