animador mexicano que ahora hace una serie para Netflix

Jorge Gutiérrez, the Mexican animator who’s now doing a series for Netflix

During his career, this writer and screenwriter has had to face cancelations of his projects by Nickelodeon and Dreamworks. His life changed with the movie “The Book of Life.”
Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Innovation to get around global problems

The Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given an exclusive talk for the community of Tecnológico de Monterrey entitled “Rethinking society”.
The footprints that led Luis Espinosa to discover the first Mexican dinosaur

The footprints that led Luis Espinosa to discover the first Mexican dinosaur

He’s a singer and paleontologist. As a child, Luis Espinosa fell in love with museums and discoveries. Now, he believes in teaching that love to others, including through his music group, Jurassic Band.
Andrea Quezada

A Mexican woman who’s combating Covid-19 as a volunteer in Portugal

Andrea Quezada is running out of time. Her postdoctoral fellowship ends in October, and she now divides her day between research and the fight against Covid-19.
Martha Herrera

Martha Herrera, the Cemex executive who believes in serving others

With her global actions to combat poverty, Martha Herrera has managed to have an impact on the lives of 3 million women.
had to come out of the closet during the pandemic

The Tec graduate who is supporting employees who had to ‘come out of the...

Jorge Guevara, from American Express, supports his employees who hadn’t come out of the closet and had to tell their families during the pandemic.
happiness of your employees profitable for your company

Is the happiness of your employees profitable for your company?

The wellness program promoted by Gizehlle García is a necessity for companies that want to comply with NOM-035.

These people are in the front line for treating Covid-19 patients

Doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, laboratory workers. In recent months, TecSalud healthcare professionals have worked long hours through an experience they will never forget.

Gender parity? Out of 193 countries, only 20 are ruled by women

The UN warns that it will take 107 years to achieve gender parity in leading governments. It says that society is twice as demanding of female leaders.

The Tec graduate eBay manager who helps you get started in e-commerce Technology

eBay has started a new program to help small and medium-sized business owners venture into online sales. The call closes on July 31.



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