The resilience we learned from the survivors of the Hiroshima tragedy

In Japan, those who survived the nuclear explosion are known as hibakusha, and they have taught us a lot about humanity’s resilience in times of crisis.
4 points of the “new mobility” plan

The 4 points of the “new mobility” plan for dealing with the pandemic

Transport solutions for people and goods are already within our reach from different platforms that respond to the challenges of the new normal.
Gender gap and violence on the rise due to Covid-19

Gender gap and violence on the rise due to Covid-19

The coronavirus crisis will create setbacks for gender equality. According to the OECD, women are more vulnerable to violence and losing their jobs.
vacation leave pandemic

6 pros and cons of asking for vacation leave during the pandemic

You’re entitled to vacations when you’ve been working somewhere for a year. Take these 6 considerations into account when asking for leave.

Do you find it hard to show that you’re happy or sad? You might...

People that suffer from this condition cannot express emotions such as love or fear. At its most extreme level, it resembles autism.

The difficult task of preparing your children for the ‘new normal’

Face masks, social distancing inside classrooms, and small groups are the recommendations for returning children to daycare centers and elementary schools.

Playing video games helps you develop useful skills for the workplace

Spending several hours trying to get to the next level on video games could give you advantages when you’re looking for a job.

11 facts to know about Nikola Tesla, the most plagiarized scientist

On July 10, 1856, one of the most unappreciated scientists in history was born, one who obtained patents for nearly 700 inventions.

Can we disinfect your car? A business opportunity during Covid-19

To keep their businesses afloat, car dealers have worked with manufacturers to offer new services for vehicles, such as sanitization.

Tec Review wins gold medal once again at the SPD Awards

Tec Review has added another award to the list. This publication from Tecnológico de Monterrey and Grupo Expansión received the gold medal in the...



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