Gonzalo Moratorio

The only Latin American to enter Nature’s Top 10

The results he obtained in the fight against Covid-19 in Uruguay have catapulted him to the elite of international science.

Tec de Monterrey, the only Mexican nominator for the EarthShot Prize

The search for the first winners has begun. Everyone can participate: students, associations, other universities, and even individual applicants.

Here’s the first woman to run the UNAM Institute of Nuclear Sciences

She reveals details of the moment when rector Enrique Graue told her the news of her appointment by cellphone.

The future of the struggle against Covid, technology, and climate change with Joe Biden

The Democrat and former Vice President is ready to take office despite the possible legal fight against Donald Trump’s allegations of fraud.
no more gender violence

No more gender violence: Tec de Monterrey updates its protocol for attention and prevention

With these modifications, the protocol is now binding, as well as providing clarity on the concept of non-revictimization and confidentiality.

The hero model: the new organizational structure à la MacGyver

Positive psychology specialist claims that employees’ happiness contributes to them becoming company heroes.
heliotropic effect

The heliotropic effect: how to grow towards happiness

Just as plants grow thanks to sunlight, human beings react best in an environment of good expectations.
Wilbert Luna

Wilbert Luna, the Tec graduate defending personal data and fighting corruption

Winner of the Euromoney Rising Star award, the graduate from Toluca Campus talks about his career 12 years after leaving university.
face masks

One of Mario Molina’s final recommendations: wear face masks

The Mexican chemist urged people to wear face masks during the pandemic. His studies show that they do help to reduce contagion.
Jed foundation

Tec de Monterrey and the Jed Foundation team up for mental health

One more effort from Tec de Monterrey to preserve the integrated wellbeing of its community with a focus on suicide prevention with the Jed Foundation.



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