julio 15, 2020

Chequeo.mx checks if your company is ready to return to work

The entrepreneurs behind the Chequeo.mx software are able to offer companies information about employees’ safe return to the workplace.
julio 9, 2020
Tecnológico de Monterrey

ApoyandoTec seeks to ‘save’ business owners from Covid-19

Tecnológico de Monterrey has opened a platform so that business owners connected with the institution can receive mentoring on how to save their companies.
julio 7, 2020

The story of Cornershop: between a rock and a hard place

The idea of Cornershop was that the supermarket came to you; you didn’t have to […]
julio 6, 2020

Here’s the robot that’s battling Covid-19 with ultraviolet light

By emitting UVC radiation, the robots neutralizes viruses, bacteria and fungi. It weighs 75 kilograms very similar to a grocery cart.
junio 24, 2020

The entrepreneur who’s preventing more Covid-19 infections through home testing

Lab-U has carried out more than 220 tests across the country, 80% of which have given a positive result for Covid-19.
junio 23, 2020

What is the circular economy and what benefits can it bring to your business?

Producing the least amount of waste is one of the objectives of this process, avoiding the “develop to destroy” supply chain.
junio 17, 2020

Dafne Almazán, the Mexican who at 18 already has a master’s degree from Harvard

This Tec graduate has completed her master’s degree amid the coronavirus pandemic and now wants to support gifted children in Mexico.
junio 1, 2020

A Generation of Entrepreneurial Children

Playing, having fun, growing, and starting a business? Tec de Monterrey teaches entrepreneurial skills to students aged 6 to 12.
mayo 14, 2020

The Mexican businessman who made his Silicon Valley-style dream come true

Carlos Chavarría dreamed of innovating in Mexico. His company, NA-AT Technologies, now provides biometric security services to 33 banks in the country and in Latin America.
abril 26, 2020

Times of COVID-19 provide great opportunity for fintech startups

SMEs are seeking financing to prevent the quarantine from killing their business and provide them with liquidity to confront the situation.
abril 16, 2020

From waste to beauty product

Students from Tec de Monterrey have extracted substances from bladder wrack that can be used to manufacture cosmetic products.
abril 15, 2020
NABAWA has already started donating its products (Courtesy)

NABAWA, the Mexican initiative for printing face shields and masks for health workers

Two Tec graduates and one student from Guadalajara campus got together to help health workers from hospitals in that state. They hope to continue in more parts of Mexico.