gimnasio en casa

The Mexican gym that comes to your house

The project aims to help people stay healthy by doing physical activities during the pandemic without leaving home.
paper receipts

The Mexican company that wants to throw away paper receipts

Airpop hopes more companies migrate to the digitization of their sales receipts to bring benefits to the environment and savings to businesses.
EasyLex streamlines the procedures for setting up companies

EasyLex streamlines the procedures for setting up companies

Andrea Durán and Yaritza Rodelo are former Tec de Monterrey students who have cut down the bureaucratic procedures for setting up companies to just seven business days.
A new path for used bookstores

A new path for used bookstores

There are possibilities for reinventing one’s business and surviving, as even used bookstores can find new business models.
drones to do Covid-19 testing

The Tec student who wants to use drones to do Covid-19 testing

Gabriel Arias has designed the Remote Detection System, which he intends to use to send tests from hospitals and laboratories direct to your door.
SIMI Mexican Stanford

The Mexican at Stanford and his classmates who want to prevent hoax 911 calls

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico, queries about symptoms have been accompanied by hoax calls to emergency services such as 911.

Solar, a school project for sustainable lamps recognized in New York

Carried out by Tec de Monterrey students, this project consists of six lamps made from biomaterials such as maguey, clay, and even bones.

Chequeo.mx checks if your company is ready to return to work

The entrepreneurs behind the Chequeo.mx software are able to offer companies information about employees’ safe return to the workplace.
Tecnológico de Monterrey

ApoyandoTec seeks to ‘save’ business owners from Covid-19

Tecnológico de Monterrey has opened a platform so that business owners connected with the institution can receive mentoring on how to save their companies.

The story of Cornershop: between a rock and a hard place

The idea of Cornershop was that the supermarket came to you; you didn’t have to go to it. That was the business idea, to be...



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