Huichol with drinking water in 2021

Here’s the plan for providing the Huichol with drinking water in 2021

Social entrepreneur Enrique Lomnitz has developed a rain harvesting project to achieve this feat.
XBA Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that aims to solve problems for SMEs

Companies are facing the worst-case scenario: a long lockdown and the challenges of a post-pandemic world. These entrepreneurs are searching for new solutions.

The evolution of social entrepreneurship: the aim is not to earn money

Helping society come above all else. In some cases, business is a byproduct.

The Mexican Tec graduates who are using vertical farming to eradicate hunger

Vertical farms use 90% less water than traditional agriculture and can meet the challenge of feeding more than 9 billion people.
government gives very little support to startups

“The government gives very little support to startups”: Ignacio de la Vega

Tec de Monterrey’s Business School Dean dissected the current bleak situation for startups and proposed solutions.
quebraron más de un millón de empresas

Why have more than a million companies gone under in Mexico?

The effects of the pandemic show the need to choose a more supportive economic system.
after SinDelantal’s exit

Didi Food’s strategy after SinDelantal’s exit

The plan is to capture restaurant owners who, as of early December, will be left without their partner app.

From one entrepreneur to another: 3 keys to cybersecurity for your business

The founder of Delta Protect recommends that Mexican business owners make cybersecurity a part of everyday organizational culture.
female entrepreneurs

The ABC of personal branding for female entrepreneurs

Four successful female entrepreneurs from Mexico and Latin America share tools to launch and strengthen your personal branding during INCmty 2020.

The exotic delicacies of San Juan Market go digital with MyCashless

After suffering drops in sales of up to 80% due to the pandemic, the Market changed its strategy. You can now pay over the internet and receive products at home.



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