agosto 5, 2020
vaccines in Mexico

The valley of death: a black hole for the development of vaccines in Mexico

Mexican researchers agree that other countries are ahead in terms of the resources and technology needed to produce a vaccine to stop the pandemic.
agosto 3, 2020
sex during the pandemic

Sex during the pandemic: this is what happens to your brain

Mexicans and their experiences of sexuality during quarantine: the loss of sexual desire, stress, and sexting (a closer look at the mind).
agosto 2, 2020

The Tec graduate and researchers who’ve gathered 40 years of information on coronaviruses

Tec graduate Ricardo López Robles, together with other researchers, has gathered information about coronaviruses and encountered references to them from as long ago as 1970.
julio 31, 2020

Silanes: the Mexican laboratory that’s analyzing a molecule for fighting Covid-19

If the Mexican laboratory gets positive results, it will provide a complementary treatment to the vaccine that is in-process around the world.
julio 30, 2020

This is the damage that Covid-19 does to your brain

You don’t just get a fever. The virus attacks the brain directly because its points of entry are close to this organ.
julio 28, 2020
condensado Bose-Einstein

The Bose–Einstein condensate and the Mexican who achieved the coldest temperatures in the universe

In Mexico, UNAM researcher Jorge Amin Seman Harutinian has obtained the Bose-Einstein condensate, known as the fifth state of matter.
julio 24, 2020

Solastalgia and the distress caused by the loss of nature

This condition is triggered by phenomena such as droughts, deforestation, sudden changes in the climate, or even earthquakes.
julio 16, 2020

Influenza, Covid-19, and acute respiratory problems: the perfect storm?

The Mexican health care system will face the challenge of diagnosing and treating cases of influenza, acute respiratory infections, and Covid-19.
julio 13, 2020

In Mexico, only 79% of HIV patients know they have the virus

United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS had set a goal for 90% of sufferers to know about their disease by 2020 in all countries.
julio 8, 2020

The “science fiction” experiment warning about CO2 concentrations

According to researchers in Biosphere 2, plants can only process up to 600 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Earth is close to 500 parts per million.
julio 3, 2020

This is the technology that proved the Mayans were just as good as the Romans at engineering

All roads lead to Rome, or Chichén Itzá in this case, as the capital belonged […]
julio 2, 2020

Exequiel Ezcurra: an old hand at conservation in Mexico

Through firm leadership, the naturalized Mexican biologist has transformed scientific knowledge into public policy, and created models for conservation.