febrero 8, 2021
What is pseudoscience

What is pseudoscience?

Three scholars were asked by Tec Review to clarify where the line is between a scientific explanation and one that appears to be so but isn’t.
febrero 1, 2021
Study sheds new light on the design of Covid-19 vaccines

Study sheds new light on the design of Covid-19 vaccines

Research into glycans and their role as protective shields could be used to create vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.
enero 21, 2021
increase in high-energy cosmic rays

Mexican scientists decipher the origin of a strange increase in high-energy cosmic rays

Scientists from the UNAM’s Institute of Geophysics have found the origin of an interplanetary phenomenon that hadn’t been understood for more than a century.
enero 20, 2021

Say hello to Alex, the first Mexican penguin

Alex is the first Antarctic penguin to be born on national territory. Find out all the details about this chick in this photo gallery.
enero 7, 2021
Americans don’t want to get vaccinated

37% of Americans don’t want to get vaccinated against Covid-19

People don’t trust the vaccine, because they suspect that there are political strategies undermining its scientific backing.
diciembre 30, 2020
Mexico’s challenges for vaccinating

Mexico’s challenges for vaccinating against Covid-19

The Mexican government will present its vaccination plan. Tec Review talks to experts to find out what they foresee.
diciembre 24, 2020
continuar los ensayos de las vacunas contra la Covid-19

Should Covid-19 vaccine trials continue after the vaccines have been authorized?

The pharmaceutical company Moderna has revealed that a participant in its trial, who hadn’t been vaccinated, died of the coronavirus.
diciembre 17, 2020

Patients have stopped going to the doctor’s out of fear of Covid-19 infection and their conditions have worsened

The head of teaching at Hospital de la Ceguera says that irreversible complications are caused by people not going to clinics.
diciembre 9, 2020

The paleontological find of the century

A window onto the past has been opened in what will become the Felipe Ángeles International Airport: teams have discovered the remains of 70 mammoths.
diciembre 8, 2020
gels made from methanol

The lethal risks of alcohol in gels made from methanol

Seizures, permanent blindness, or even death are some of the side effects of this prohibited substance.
diciembre 4, 2020
islas marias

Mexico to invest 17.5 million pesos in Islas Marías: Will this be enough to recover its biodiversity?

A first group of young people was educated in environmental matters, but there’s a setback in the conservation status of the species on the archipelago.
diciembre 3, 2020
Sputnik V vaccine

Mexicans prefer the Sputnik V vaccine

According to a survey, Mexicans prefer the Russian Sputnik vaccine and more than half of those surveyed in 11 countries have already heard of it.