marzo 11, 2021
ultrasound scanner

The ultrasound scanner, an unsung hero in the struggle against Covid-19

It’s a very useful instrument for initial diagnoses, and also for critical patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
marzo 10, 2021
Goldbach’s conjecture

Goldbach’s conjecture: unproven by humans or computers

The simplicity of this mathematical statement does not reflect its depth, which has surpassed any theory known to date.
marzo 8, 2021
When to use condom

When to use condom and when not to

Experts remind you that love and trust aren’t vaccines against an infection. We explain more about sexual health.
marzo 3, 2021
Bertil Andersson

Bertil Andersson: Tec has the potential to lead medical research in Latin America

In a world where big companies no longer make all the new health discoveries, the Tec can join the new global pharmaceutical ecosystem.
marzo 2, 2021

TecSalud is now administering the German CureVac vaccine

The biological product uses messenger RNA technology, which is considered one of the greatest advances of the last century.
febrero 24, 2021
Duelo Covid-19

Duelo Covid-19: the website for helping us deal with loss

Have you lost a loved one to coronavirus or anything else? This platform provides free psychological care.
febrero 23, 2021
which Covid-19 vaccine is best

One or two doses: which Covid-19 vaccine is best?

Although they are administered differently, the objective is the same: strengthening the immune response to SARS-CoV-2.
febrero 18, 2021
Cuitláhuac park

Cuitláhuac Park, from garbage dump to a new Chapultepec

With 145 hectares recovered from Mexico City’s former garbage dump, it also seeks to help resolve the water shortage.
febrero 16, 2021
What is citizen science

What is citizen science? We explain how you can join in

Everyone can participate in various projects to contribute to the development of specialized and individual knowledge.
febrero 15, 2021
Can cannabis help treat Covid-19

Can cannabis help treat Covid-19? We give you the facts

Before you think of experimenting with cannabis, we bring you the conclusions of two different studies.
febrero 11, 2021
Mexico now has the vaccines for TecSalud’s CureVac trial

Mexico now has the vaccines for TecSalud’s CureVac trial

Participants will be monitored for more than two years, but the first set of results are expected in six months’ time.
febrero 9, 2021
How long do Covid-19 vaccines protect you for

How long do Covid-19 vaccines protect you for?

Although these vaccines may be less effective than others, they do prevent serious infections and hospitalizations.