mayo 28, 2021
dogs are intelligent

Are dogs intelligent? Experts explain how

We’re sometimes surprised by their responsiveness, but how do they do it?
mayo 20, 2021
somerton man

Australia exhumes body of ‘Somerton Man’ to solve 70-year-old mystery

Police will attempt to recover DNA material from the body, first found in 1948.
mayo 20, 2021

What’s neurodiversity? Celebrating difference

The goal is to combat the stigmatization of people with autism, dyslexia, or Tourette Syndrome and to value their talents.
mayo 13, 2021
Covid-19 and the fear of catching it again

The psychological scars of Covid-19 and the fear of catching it again

Mood and anxiety disorders are side effects that have been identified in survivors of the pandemic.
mayo 13, 2021
fully vaccinated people

CDC says fully vaccinated people can stop wearing mask

They can also resume activities without distancing, in gatherings large or small.
mayo 3, 2021
What does a spider web sound like

What does a spider web sound like? Listen to its unsettling melody

An MIT professor has put together an “information orchestra” about these structures by using artificial intelligence.
abril 28, 2021
When will we have to get vaccinated against Covid-19 again?

When will we have to get vaccinated against Covid-19 again?

Mexico is administering Covid-19 vaccines developed by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinovac, and CanSino.
abril 23, 2021
planning how to go back to school

Being rather than doing: planning how to go back to school

Anticipating an imminent change in daily routine, specialists agree that parents should try to give explanations based on what they’ve noticed about their children’s mood.
abril 13, 2021

Plant lover? We explain why houseplants are addictive

We learn from them and we feel happiness when we see that they’re sprouting new flowers.
abril 9, 2021
Josef Aschbacher

Josef Aschbacher: Mexico can help conquer Mars

In an interview with Tec Review, the director of the European Space Agency hopes to cooperate with Mexico to find traces of life on Mars.
marzo 23, 2021

Julieta Fierro’s choice of myths debunked by science

Flat Earth theory and Olga Sánchez Cordero’s nanoparticle drops are some myths that have no scientific basis.
marzo 12, 2021
noticias covid-19

Here are the results of Chinese vaccine trials on the elderly

Trials to test its efficacy on people over the age of 60 took place in Hebei Province, China.