mayo 14, 2021

Dogecoin: the cryptocurrency that’s win and loose with one tweet

Launched in 2013 as a satirical critique of the cryptocurrency frenzy, it is now the sixth most widely used cryptocurrency in the world.
mayo 13, 2021
Covid-19 and the fear of catching it again

The psychological scars of Covid-19 and the fear of catching it again

Mood and anxiety disorders are side effects that have been identified in survivors of the pandemic.
mayo 13, 2021
fully vaccinated people

CDC says fully vaccinated people can stop wearing mask

They can also resume activities without distancing, in gatherings large or small.
mayo 12, 2021
Carlos Cortés the story behind the Tec graduate

Carlos Cortés: the story behind the Tec graduate who won an Oscar

This sound engineer created the sound for the movie in Tepoztlán, Mexico. We tell you more.
mayo 12, 2021
Sally Buzbee

Sally Buzbee: the first woman to serve as The Washington Post’s top editor

Ms. Buzbee is the executive editor and senior vice president of AP.
mayo 11, 2021
home concerts

Ordering takeout? Try home concerts

Artists said that it doesn't matter whether they play for 100,000 people or 30.
mayo 10, 2021
Honored on quarters

Two women will be honored on quarters: an astronaut and a writer

The public is invited to submit recommendations for women to be honored.
mayo 10, 2021

Dracula is ready to ‘bite’ with vaccines against Covid-19

Do you like to stay in his Castle? As long as you there maybe you should get your vaccine.
mayo 7, 2021
non-binary gender

What does non-binary gender mean? Understanding enbies

Specialists explain that it is important to assume gender is a social construction which is all about behavioral expectations.
mayo 6, 2021
vaccines for Olympic athletes

Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes

This is not only to contribute to the safe environment of the Games, but also out of respect for the residents of Japan.
mayo 6, 2021

The Tec graduates on Expansión’s list of 30 promising leaders

Young men and women who are making a difference with disruptive ideas, but with a social conscience.
mayo 5, 2021
Giant sequoia still smoldering

Giant sequoia still smoldering from California 2020 wildfires

It may be still visible from the Ladybug Trail, in the Sequoia National Park.