junio 3, 2021
fully vaccinated

I’m fully vaccinated but feel sick, should I get tested for Covid-19?

You won’t be at high risk for hospitalization or severe disease, but if you are infected you may pass the virus to an unvaccinated person.
junio 2, 2021
Do you need to wear a face mask to do exercise?

Do you need to wear a face mask to do exercise?

The WHO has made a statement regarding the use of face masks during physical exercise, which explains whether or not they work as a measure of protection.
junio 1, 2021
entrepreneurship and industrial property

Entrepreneurship and industrial property: what to consider and why

The time is ripe for entrepreneurship, but we shouldn’t forget to protect our brands and ideas.
mayo 31, 2021
space tourism

How close are we to space tourism?

It looks like we’re on the verge of achieving space travel for everyone, but it still boils down to those who have a lot of money to pay for it.
mayo 31, 2021
cicadas 2021

Cicadas 2021? The Olympic debut in miniature art scenes

The artist Oxana Ware create small-scale art installations. The idea behind it is helped children become unafraid of the insects.
mayo 28, 2021
dogs are intelligent

Are dogs intelligent? Experts explain how

We’re sometimes surprised by their responsiveness, but how do they do it?
mayo 27, 2021
The Tec graduate who won a fellowship from NASA

The Tec graduate who won a fellowship from NASA for astrophysics

Luis Welbanks, a graduate of PrepaTec State of Mexico, has received a fellowship from the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP).
mayo 27, 2021

Reducing human element is turning sports into esports

Tournaments around the world are changing line judges for electronic systems.
mayo 26, 2021
LGBT young people

54% of LGBT young people suffer from bullying

Experts believe that educational content should also be inclusive.
mayo 25, 2021
what’s social innovation

What’s social innovation? How can it transform your community?

Here’s how you can alter the reality of a community or a country. In this article, we present some examples that have already been successful.
mayo 24, 2021
business coaching

What’s business coaching?

Learn key information about this discipline, which in many cases is fundamental to a company’s success.
mayo 21, 2021
what’s a quantum computer

What’s a quantum computer? A paradigm shift is coming

We tell you how they work, their importance worldwide, and how young people can prepare for what’s coming.