diciembre 18, 2019

Mexicans create cream to heal wounds of diabetics

According to its creators, this product accelerates wound closure by up to three times the normal rate.
diciembre 18, 2019

Tec presents the TPrize, an award which seeks to resolve social issues

With the provision of a financial incentive, communities can begin to resolve their issues and export their solutions to other countries in order to contribute to social wellbeing.
diciembre 18, 2019

Why online courses really are the future of education

Anant Agarwal, creator of the edX platform, declares that interactive education is an effective tool for maintaining a high level of education.
diciembre 15, 2019

Interactive education is key to the learning process

Conveying information is important, but we should focus on students assimilating that information, says Eric Mazur at Tec de Monterrey.
octubre 3, 2019

Five innovations that are transforming diabetes treatment

Here are five technological advances that could become options for patients with this disease.
octubre 3, 2019

Ximena Vega, the Tec graduate who gave Tetra Pak a new lease of life

Her idea calls for a new reverse logistics system to reuse multilayer packaging and supply other industries.
octubre 2, 2019

Revolution in sight. New technologies jostle to please the human eye

octubre 1, 2019

These are the trends in human resources for 2020

Here are the guidelines that companies should follow next year to connect with their employees on a emotional level.
octubre 1, 2019

Guillermo Ulises Ruiz, the promise of the future for medicine at MIT

MIT Media Lab gives the Pegasus Award to a Mexican for the first time. The researcher is a Tec graduate.
octubre 1, 2019

Four ways to improve communication in the workplace

Running meetings effectively, reporting your achievements, and celebrating those of others are all ways to improve the flow of information at the office.
octubre 1, 2019

The formula for positioning your startup in international markets

Experts share their experiences of taking their ideas to the international market. Take note.
octubre 1, 2019

EduTubers, the new influencers in education

Channels like Julioprofe, Math2me, Pasos por ingeniería, Educatina and Aula365 form part of the community of creators on YouTube.