abril 16, 2020

Talent retention and innovation, two highly competitive business strategies

Senior managers of Mexican companies are preparing for a challenging business environment by making changes inside their organizations.
abril 16, 2020

From waste to beauty product

Students from Tec de Monterrey have extracted substances from bladder wrack that can be used to manufacture cosmetic products.
abril 15, 2020
NABAWA has already started donating its products (Courtesy)

NABAWA, the Mexican initiative for printing face shields and masks for health workers

Two Tec graduates and one student from Guadalajara campus got together to help health workers from hospitals in that state. They hope to continue in more parts of Mexico.
abril 14, 2020

TecSalud and the Nuevo León Ministry of Health are using an innovative treatment for COVID-19

The use of plasma or convalescent serum consists of extracting virus antibodies from the blood of patients who have recovered.
abril 13, 2020

Six nutrients you should consume to activate your brain

Take note: the food we eat not only influences our weight, but also our brain functions.
abril 13, 2020
The A-NÍMO robot in action at the San José Hospital. Photo: TecSalud

Technology v COVID-19: TecSalud is using a robot to treat patients

The main advantages of using the robot are to prevent infections among medical personnel, to save protective materials and to still provide patients with human attention.
abril 2, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur? Here are the e-commerce trends for 2020

There’s nothing like technology to drive your sales strategy. Here are some favorite trends from the experts.
marzo 19, 2020

Viruses are older than humanity and are part of our DNA

To help you understand what a virus is, we present you with some surprising figures and information about their coexistence with humans.
marzo 19, 2020

Simón Cohen: Making happiness his business

Simón Cohen is founder and CEO of the logistics and transportation company Henco Global.
marzo 18, 2020

This is what the crew of Apollo 13 saw

The astronauts on this mission took a dangerous trajectory around the far side of the Moon, and NASA engineers can now show what they saw on that journey.
marzo 18, 2020

Cloth sanitary pads, a healthy option for women

One woman will use around 15,000 disposable pads or tampons during her reproductive life.
marzo 17, 2020

Tec de Monterrey and UNAM education leaders in Latin America

Both institutions stand out in the QS World University Rankings by subject