mayo 4, 2020

5 investigations that promise to make history in Mexico

At its Research and Development Conference, the Tec showcased the projects transforming Mexico.
mayo 1, 2020

The pandemic shows us how urgent it is to close the digital divide

Growing use of the internet and the way it helps bring us together despite confinement has turned it into an essential tool for the ‘new reality’.
abril 29, 2020

Tips for looking after the elderly in quarantine

Here are some tips on how to look after your elderly relatives.
abril 28, 2020

Greta Thunberg isn’t alone

The planet’s environmental health is at risk if urgent measures are not taken. Faced with this panorama, millions of young people have taken up the reins of activism, and though they may have differing perspectives, protest against climate change.
abril 26, 2020

Times of COVID-19 provide great opportunity for fintech startups

SMEs are seeking financing to prevent the quarantine from killing their business and provide them with liquidity to confront the situation.
abril 25, 2020

The coronavirus’ low mutation rate opens the door to a general vaccine

In an interview, Dr. Joel Vázquez from the INER explains that the virus’ low mutation rate means that vaccines from other countries could also be on the cards for Mexico.
abril 24, 2020

A new trend: the branding of art

Artists such as Banksy, Damian Hirst, and Jeff Koons are part of a generation of art marketers. They’ve surrounded themselves with powerful machinery that turns them into brands, and the results are measured in millions of dollars.
abril 23, 2020

June Almeida, the woman who identified a coronavirus for the first time

Her explanation for the discovery, made 50 years ago, was initially rejected.
abril 22, 2020

Mexico advocates for and achieves equality in future vaccines against COVID-19

Mexico has proposed to the United Nations that vaccines developed to prevent COVID-19 be available to all.
abril 21, 2020
en la cuarentena, basta tomar una buena actitud, dice el astronauta Yurchijin.

5 tips for surviving quarantine from a Space Station inhabitant

According to Fyodor Yurchikhin, who has made five flights to space, quarantine is the perfect time for doing things you never have time for.
abril 20, 2020

Who will doctors allocate ventilators to?

The Mexican authorities have issued guidelines for the criteria that health workers should apply when allocating equipment, as well as telling them how to proceed when equipment is scarce.
abril 20, 2020

Medical and social impact, and other reasons for not minimizing the pandemic

Researcher Gerardo Ceballos believes this may be the last pandemic human beings face that they can overcome.