junio 9, 2020

The Mexican robot that detects cases of Covid-19

RoomieBot Covid-19 measures temperature and shortness of breath, verbally interacts with patients, identifies symptoms such as coughing, and collects demographic and clinical data.
junio 8, 2020

Did you believe in the existence of a parallel universe? Mexican astrophysicists debunk this fake news

Science fiction literature and movies include several hypotheses on parallel universes, but here’s what the scientists have to say.
junio 5, 2020

How a finance professional takes on e-commerce

Erika Falfán, one of the winners of the 2020 Mujer Tec (Tec Woman) Awards, tells us how she joined the digital world with her experience in finance.
junio 3, 2020

Three questions about the finding of mammoth remains in Santa Lucía

What species did they belong to? Can the construction work be canceled? What comes next after this discovery? Felisa Aguilar, Chairwoman of the INAH paleontology board, answers these questions.
junio 3, 2020

Digital Classrooms, Tec’s Distance Learning Method

Programs taught via the Live method include real-time activities and interaction.
junio 1, 2020

A Generation of Entrepreneurial Children

Playing, having fun, growing, and starting a business? Tec de Monterrey teaches entrepreneurial skills to students aged 6 to 12.
mayo 31, 2020

7 virtual tours of museums in Mexico

Tec Review presents a selection of seven Mexican museums that encourage cultural exchange through online tours and activities.
mayo 29, 2020

Telepsychology on the rise during Covid-19 pandemic

The Mexican app Doc.com has reported a 30% increase in the number of users during the Covid-19 pandemic.
mayo 28, 2020

Cyber criminals take advantage of pandemic to increase attacks

The terms “Covid-19” and “coronavirus” have become popular. Cyber criminals have taken advantage of this trend to create domains with fraudulent information and commit crimes.
mayo 27, 2020

Marco Rito Palomares, the Mexican playing in the big leagues of biotechnology

It all started when he was at junior high. A teacher got him interested in science and there was no going back. He’s now one of the most important biotechnologists in the world.
mayo 25, 2020

Mexican scientists design quick mobile test for Covid-19

The test, which is performed with the aid of a smartphone, provides a result in 15 minutes and is shared in real time with your doctor.
mayo 25, 2020

Gerardo Herrera: The big question physicists are asking ourselves

The lead scientist on the Mexican team at CERN (“the biggest laboratory in the world”) talks about Mexican contributions to world physics.