julio 26, 2020

Do you find it hard to show that you’re happy or sad? You might have alexithymia

People that suffer from this condition cannot express emotions such as love or fear. At its most extreme level, it resembles autism.
julio 25, 2020

Solar, a school project for sustainable lamps recognized in New York

Carried out by Tec de Monterrey students, this project consists of six lamps made from biomaterials such as maguey, clay, and even bones.
julio 24, 2020

Solastalgia and the distress caused by the loss of nature

This condition is triggered by phenomena such as droughts, deforestation, sudden changes in the climate, or even earthquakes.
julio 23, 2020

Desharp, the nanofoam that destroys needles and scalpels

An internet-connected device provides a cost-effective solution for collecting and safety issues to do with the handling of needles and scalpels.
julio 22, 2020

Gender parity? Out of 193 countries, only 20 are ruled by women

The UN warns that it will take 107 years to achieve gender parity in leading governments. It says that society is twice as demanding of female leaders.
julio 21, 2020

The difficult task of preparing your children for the ‘new normal’

Face masks, social distancing inside classrooms, and small groups are the recommendations for returning children to daycare centers and elementary schools.
julio 20, 2020

The Tec graduate eBay manager who helps you get started in e-commerce Technology

eBay has started a new program to help small and medium-sized business owners venture into online sales. The call closes on July 31.
julio 17, 2020

The Tec graduate who’s committed to inclusion and diversity at Novartis

The company headed by this Tecnológico de Monterrey graduate believes in supporting the LGBT+ community, gender equality, and non-discrimination.
julio 16, 2020

Influenza, Covid-19, and acute respiratory problems: the perfect storm?

The Mexican health care system will face the challenge of diagnosing and treating cases of influenza, acute respiratory infections, and Covid-19.
julio 15, 2020

Chequeo.mx checks if your company is ready to return to work

The entrepreneurs behind the Chequeo.mx software are able to offer companies information about employees’ safe return to the workplace.
julio 14, 2020

Playing video games helps you develop useful skills for the workplace

Spending several hours trying to get to the next level on video games could give you advantages when you’re looking for a job.
julio 13, 2020

Paulo Lozano, the MIT professor from Mexico who is in love with space

The Tec graduate fell in love with space as a child, watching Carl Sagan's series Cosmos. He's currently a professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT.