noviembre 6, 2020
oral health

Neglecting your oral health can affect the rest of your body

Lack of oral hygiene can lead to tooth loss, tooth decay, heart disease, and even brain problems.
noviembre 5, 2020
Wilbert Luna

Wilbert Luna, the Tec graduate defending personal data and fighting corruption

Winner of the Euromoney Rising Star award, the graduate from Toluca Campus talks about his career 12 years after leaving university.
noviembre 4, 2020
5G technology

The United States wants to put an ‘American’ stamp on 5G technology

Some countries have managed to escape the trade war that the US has declared against China in the area of telecommunications and deployment of this connectivity.
noviembre 3, 2020
face masks

One of Mario Molina’s final recommendations: wear face masks

The Mexican chemist urged people to wear face masks during the pandemic. His studies show that they do help to reduce contagion.
octubre 30, 2020

What are unicorn companies?

Unicorn companies are technology companies that reach a value of 1 billion dollars in capital raising stages.
octubre 29, 2020
Jed foundation

Tec de Monterrey and the Jed Foundation team up for mental health

One more effort from Tec de Monterrey to preserve the integrated wellbeing of its community with a focus on suicide prevention with the Jed Foundation.
octubre 27, 2020

Interview | These women are the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and are behind the CRISPR/Cas9 revolution

Charpentier and Doudna developed the technology programmed to recognize specific sequences in genes and introduce correct mutations into DNA.
octubre 26, 2020

Quarantennials: what does it mean to be born during the pandemic?

The care of these babies and their parents is more rigorous, so as to avoid contagion among minors. This is what it is like to be born in the middle of the pandemic.
octubre 23, 2020
Covid-19 cases

Here’s how the public can stop Covid-19 cases from increasing

During the pandemic, everyone is jointly responsible. Everyone can make the difference between stopping or spreading the virus.
octubre 22, 2020

Tec to analyze wastewater to detect Covid-19

The technique has been developed by different scientists around the world and its effectiveness has been proven to determine the circulation of the virus in large communities.
octubre 21, 2020
Sebastián Jaime Oviedo

Sebastián Jaime Oviedo, the Mexican who’s winning prizes for his 3D short films

This Tec de Monterrey student is inspired by problems like smoking to make his animations.
octubre 20, 2020

Recommendations for how to still be sexually active into old age

Desire and sex do not have an expiration date, but it is necessary to adapt to physical changes in order to fully enjoy sexuality in adulthood.