diciembre 7, 2020
Best Buy Mexico

Bye-Bye, Best Buy: stores to close in Mexico

The store anticipates that all employees’ life insurance will be covered for 2021 and it will also extend their major medical expense insurance.
diciembre 4, 2020
islas marias

Mexico to invest 17.5 million pesos in Islas Marías: Will this be enough to recover its biodiversity?

A first group of young people was educated in environmental matters, but there’s a setback in the conservation status of the species on the archipelago.
diciembre 3, 2020
Sputnik V vaccine

Mexicans prefer the Sputnik V vaccine

According to a survey, Mexicans prefer the Russian Sputnik vaccine and more than half of those surveyed in 11 countries have already heard of it.
diciembre 2, 2020
after SinDelantal’s exit

Didi Food’s strategy after SinDelantal’s exit

The plan is to capture restaurant owners who, as of early December, will be left without their partner app.
diciembre 1, 2020
Isaac Newton and alchemy

The hidden side: Isaac Newton and alchemy

The discoverer of the law of gravity devoted more of his life to doing research related to arts that are today considered mumbo-jumbo.
noviembre 30, 2020
artificial sweeteners

The bitter truth about artificial sweeteners

Although they have the advantage of not causing weight gain, synthetic sugar substitutes can cause disorders such as diabetes.
noviembre 27, 2020

The future of the struggle against Covid, technology, and climate change with Joe Biden

The Democrat and former Vice President is ready to take office despite the possible legal fight against Donald Trump’s allegations of fraud.
noviembre 26, 2020

From one entrepreneur to another: 3 keys to cybersecurity for your business

The founder of Delta Protect recommends that Mexican business owners make cybersecurity a part of everyday organizational culture.
noviembre 25, 2020
humanizing your pets

The dangers of humanizing your pets

Walking dogs in strollers and cuddling cats too much are some habits that harm the health of pets.
noviembre 24, 2020
female entrepreneurs

The ABC of personal branding for female entrepreneurs

Four successful female entrepreneurs from Mexico and Latin America share tools to launch and strengthen your personal branding during INCmty 2020.
noviembre 23, 2020

Study warns that the second wave of contagion in Europe will be “accelerated”

Analysis performed by the Mathematics Department of Royal Global University claims that it will be much more serious in Russia, followed by Italy.
noviembre 20, 2020
no more gender violence

No more gender violence: Tec de Monterrey updates its protocol for attention and prevention

With these modifications, the protocol is now binding, as well as providing clarity on the concept of non-revictimization and confidentiality.